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More fun with a dictionary

Among stories of potentially prison-bound rich girls and proof of gender parity (the book doesn't make you look any less like a politician, lady) are stories that encourage further learning. Still have to improve my pronunciation, though.

For those who 满嘴喷粪 and worse, who 违背誓言 to the point that their people choose to 出亡 and 逃奔 rather than remain under such a government, there may be intelligence among the leadership of that government, but it's accompanied by a lack of enlightenment in the foreign policy that reflects 君子报仇十年不晚. All that shine surrounds a core of sickness, and those neighbors who can have every right to counter the efforts of a country that's turned into the very thing it's spent 百年耻辱 resenting. Pushing its vices outside its borders won't change that character, despite the characters chosen for a neighbor's name (how many were arrested again?). If such a country would change their written language in such a way, I'm counting the days before other countries see the same treatment.

I'd apologize for any misuse of the written language, except - it's still there, 微软.

One can find rabbit holes in the most surprising places.

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