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More on rhinestones and silicone

I know the reasons for my vote and can look myself in the eye, and I'd venture to say the same for the portion of the electorate made subject to the recent tut-tutting, contrary to the direction of those more visible. (I wouldn't have pegged these talk show hosts for surfers, only they sound so petulant at having missed their ideal conditions.)

Despite myself, I still enjoy stories that speak of valuing oneself as is. I also see the industry that's so fond of making such stories continuing to subject itself to clonethink as often as it does to botox and scalpels. This is still an industry that uplifts the sort of people who would benefit from taking that long look in the mirror for themselves (which shouldn't be hard, considering how much they seem to enjoy appearances) rather than demanding it of others.

Going against the values in their stories and seeking to project their own flaws on others is expected from those who find it inconceivable that others could reject the money and shallow, impermanent beauty that they value more than any line on tolerance and diversity. Placing so much value on outside trappings comes from the lack of anything else to sell, and the recent denial of expectations at the polls show just how much people have stopped buying it. I, for one, am gratified to see the ways in which that stoppage has manifested, as well as some of the reasons why. (Addendum - if any of these numbers are true, looks like there'll be more people headed to therapy for their upended narratives.) With all the information that's become available, I'll be surprised if that industry can look itself in the mirror, past mere physical appearance to what lies beneath, and still enjoy the view. (I'm aware this particular article focuses on one state, but it's a doddle to find similar circumstances elsewhere.)

Dark hair, long legs, hollow souls - there's no need to change the criticism when the behavior that prompted it shows no sign of changing (plastic, after all, moves so differently from flesh), and the only thing overestimated here is the appeal of corruption standard with makeup on.

(Question, though - who thinks their candidate can stand up to this?)

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