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More questions to tackle

Calm, confident response, that, calling travel restrictions "not a gesture of goodwill." Makes as much sense as a college calling xenophobia a normal reaction, considering the importance of PC. Wonder if the same applies to whoever makes such restrictions, never mind that they have their own populations to watch out for? (Oh, and applause on the flag thing. Also, 以色列, but apologies make everything better.)

Yeesh. With everything else going on, sarcasm and irritation doesn't help. (Quite a relief to get it out, though.) If I remember the sequence of events, there was a virus that hit pork first. That had to have been a factor in turning to alternative sources for meat. That's resulted in a virus hitting humans. Now there's another virus hitting poultry. How readily available are those flu and HIV antivirals, and how's the food situation going to end up once this passes?

Plant- and insect-based proteins may be a consideration, and at least there exists a tradition of both. Fish and seafood, wild or farmed, might end up more frequently on the menu, though I wonder how well that'll go considering the waters around the area. Dairy as a protein source in a place that, if I remember correctly, doesn't have much use for it unless it's in foods that are considered foreign - what dairy products take lactose intolerance into account? How easily and quickly can any of these be preserved and distributed, with a minimum of human contact, now and when things calm down? (And how's that northern neighbor with the frenemy jets doing with their dairy industry again?)

The thought of eating bugs encourages more curiosity than eagerness, and I'm not going vegan - not because there's anything at all wrong with the food, but I don't do lockstep with dictators in the kitchen. (Unless it's me.) Depending on the climate and terrain, agriculture may not be as viable as ranching. Also, not sure if I've used this adage:

"Tear down the cities and leave the farms, and the cities will rise again. Tear down the farms and leave the cities, and the cities will fall on their own."

Like it or not, livestock are part of that deal on many a farm, and talking about pollution, global warming, clean eating, and ethical purchases without taking these things into account is shortsighted. Either breed in characteristics that will allow domesticated animals to survive without humans (practices that have been tried in Germany some decades back, if documentaries are anything to go by), or find a way to live with animals one may end up using in some way (which may include eating, and which do exist now).

Solar panels for energy generation, which provide a microclimate for greens, which provide a food source for poultry, that in turn provide natural fertilizer and pest control? Maybe combined with terracing methods (depending on the land) that reduces soil runoff and improves water absorption? These experiments are already around in different combinations - I'm just mashing together ideas I got from videos on food forests and goats and readings on animal husbandry here - so how many people are even looking at them? Going by what's in my news feed at last look, not as much as I'd like.

Farming at least has the capacity to address these problems for the future, as well as the capacity to feed people in the present. Right now, I think I'd rather learn about this - but yeah, keep the rest of the articles running in the feed. They'll go great with celery and lager.

(What "significant help" was not provided? There was an offer of help made days before. Depending on the news I've read, it either didn't receive a response or was outright refused, and help was sought elsewhere. Can't claim that the earlier offer of help wasn't made in the first place. Compassion for those who are ill and suffering is one thing, but repressing information to keep an appearance of a government in control doesn't prevent panic - it makes it worse when it's out in the open. I'm not inclined to be sympathetic to that.)**

**With disease control going on, there's enough energy left to have jets fly over 台湾?If I wasn't convinced before of its intent, I certainly am now.

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