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More sports I don't follow

The sense I get from this article is that the heat's on enough to necessitate what I'd call an outright plea for businesses to lobby their government - a loaded word, is lobbying. In one recent post, I had a link to an article that enumerated the cost of matches one sports organization was willing to cancel; this second larger possible boycott, one more global, is certainly cause for further alarm. (Cough.) Ordinarily, I'd find pragmatism in itself appealing; but this time, I wonder how unpopular such an idealistic stance can be when organizations in both sports and tech - even still there 微软 - felt the need to draw back from that market.

In response to the "politicization of economic and trade issues," I'm reminded of cash and carats.

In response to the fairness of a business playing field, I present the continued example of 掠夺者 and patchwork roads. (Hardly pragmatic, this.)

If those who can refuse to lobby choose to do so, I for one will find any such news a worthwhile read.

Ending with this because cheese.

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