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Study material yikes - with the captions going by as fast as they are, I was able to catch 四年; and in the context of "what's that growing in the fridge?" one can imagine how reassuring (/s) that caption is.

Kitchen nightmare aside, I hope the writer of this piece has access to material similar to mine - does Down Under apply to 新西兰 as well as 澳大利亚? If what I've read elsewhere is an accurate reflection of the number of those in her situation, it's likely easy enough to find similar broadcasts. (And why is it 纽约, but 新西兰?)

(Adding this because I'm rooting for them to keep the ability of translating 加油 at home - 他们在家? 他们可以说藏语在他们的家? Not questions - that's 吗 or 在不在/可以不可以 for these - just construction work.)

I wonder if this piece is a reflection of why this dubious tool of an aggregator feeds the articles it does with the timing it does as reflected in my screenshots, because I've found the other one I use does far less of that mess anymore (and if anything I've done has brought that about, Meph, I'm glad of it). It's thoughtfully enough written that I can almost pity the alcoholic pothead meme sweatshop radioactives whose only reprieve from being couchbound is the odd catfish they land on apps I don't use. Almost.

Speaking of apps I don't use, I also wonder how the number of hospital admissions reflect the effect of this daftness.

Adding this for more on what is revolting.

Adding this because yeesh, fake tits in shop class is one thing, a short-haired kid who likes dinosaurs is quite another.

Adding this because, concerns about counterbalancing aside, it's hysterical.

Adding this because rewrites means it's not a duck anymore.

Ending with this because it's soothing to watch and delicious to eat.

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