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More TL; DR?

Oh my, a rerun with bookburners and a blonde who slept around for political and military aims. Still my favorite movie in the series, despite that. Beside the point.

Spoken like someone who quoted a person and didn't read the available related text. (Don't entirely blame you - it's 5,000+ pages, but the search function in the PDF makes quick work of finding topics about which one's curious.) You have in here a snippet about pushing through unrelated material - guess what? He's right. Not my decision to make; however, just because I agree with containing 熊兄弟 and the 色狼 (whups, 战狼 - change one character, change the meaning of the term, 微软) does not mean I agree on foreign aid as an appropriate use of funds in a domestic stimulus package.

Remind me, who chose all these politicians acting like a one-party state? Grow up.

While I'm on the topic of one-party states...

- Here's a longer article that examines the question of what wokeness is genuinely helpful rather than merely performative.

Ending with this because it's the perfect moment to laugh at that sort of sculpted.

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