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My, these recommendations progress quickly through the stages of a relationship. First catfishing, then wedding advice, then single motherhood, all in a few days' time? Fascinating, what makes it into the feed. (And which stock photos change in the thumbnails.)

There are still articles on larger issues that make it through the tabloid mess. Within these news articles that I continue to read, there's a general implication that drawing attention to foreign affairs is an attempt at distraction from issues of the here and now, which I find unusual for the organizations and journalists among them who support globalism. Leaving aside that the virus itself is of foreign origin, consider the origin of so much of the protective gear that's used right now, if not all the other parts of daily life that are manufactured overseas.

Not only that, consider the parallels between the badmouthing coming from east and west. When a high-ranking politician starts sounding as canine as a foreign government insulting a neighbor, it raises questions about the sincerity of their PR. (I hope 以色列 knows what they're getting into.)

What continues to concern me is that a party that's more invested in their card game and more inclined to blame the other side for their own failures in policy, despite dissension from their own people, still seems to be the one that's better represented in the news, or at least more favorably. The issues that link to the rest of the world are issues of the here and now, and in an election year, they're issues to keep an eye on.

On a brighter note, it's a good thing to see that the medication the incumbent's using on himself is under closer examination, both here and overseas. (This one's on healthcare workers [HCW] in particular - the gist I'm getting out of this article is that the heart conditions are acknowledged, but so is the reduction in infectivity.)

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