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To paraphrase a line from a movie I enjoy - it's so rare to see the word 'byzantine' used in a sentence.

Things that hold my attention in these pleasurable ways seem to have in common a thread of geeking out on the obscure things they're into, whether they be locks and puns (yeah, not so terribly sorry) or jazz and corgis (discovery of new-to-you awesome is awesome to watch), this ability to get into the minutiae of things I enjoy because each individual thing is so much a part of their lives. It's incredible how the sort of brains that are capable of such things are also capable of continuously supplying this sort of ugliness or the hypocrisy of 'bye-social-media-I-hate-you-someone-else-post-this-because-I-starve (figuratively and in some cases literally) without-it.'

I can't ignore these steamers (between apostasy and this reading material, I'm OK with the former) when they enter the feed along with the good things worth admiration. The term 'attention economy' is around for a reason, and I'm glad to see things that balance out the merely skin-deep. However, whether I like them or not, they're there, and one must account for their effect; but taking a break when necessary without feeling the need to explain matters goes a lot further to affect unbothered-ness.

- Fun with recommendations: when it comes to scent, why do perfumes have to be associated with gender or attraction (or can't-own-an-opinion-without-a-crutch adverticles) as opposed to I-just-like-how-they-smell? And pray tell, o dubious tool, exactly when to drop this slathering horde of suitors. (/s.)

Also, condolences to those who suffer from an over-reliance on that which has become debilitating, but when it comes to those trying to blow smoke about lives elsewhere being more desirable, I look at those who rely on more than card games and star cults and turn the fan on.

- Eyesthese situations, as always. (Thought it had changed for a minute there, 微软 - but no, it's still one 汉字, no link.)

- Ending with this edible environmental control collection.

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