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More vocab!

This article caught my eye, not so much for the content (I'd be surprised if this isn't considered another front yet), but for the image in the header. 中国 is the common term for the country, but I don't recognize 中共. Equally unfamiliar is 解放 next to 我的家人. However, if one part of the sign in the thumbnail is a translation of the other, then 解放 must be "release" (and it is - the dictionary I have shows it means "liberate or emancipate").

共, in this case, doesn't quite fit the pattern, and for a good reason. It differentiates between the 国, "country," and 共, "common; general." More importantly, the dictionary also notes that this character's an abbreviation for the one party in that particular state.

It's funny how political fundraising e-mail blasts sound an awful lot like this (condolences to the injured person, but I'm not surprised at the responses to the claim that direct financial assistance isn't appropriate because of a limited personal relationship, though donations from total strangers are fine). Democracy, not 白左, and I'd rather chip in elsewhere.

- Nearly forgot: whose head again? No, seriously, "who's head?" is becoming a more legitimate question as time progresses, and these articles show movement one step closer to that Lotus to POTUS buyer's remorse fix.

- These cannibalisms were only funny the first time around that one place. Though I will agree on the french fry effort being notably ridiculous, I'm side-eyeing any effort to turn cancel culture back on others in order to deflect from the current infighting. That was their bed of fries; this is yours.

- Ending with this because sod you, K, I like words about words.

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