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More vocab exercise

Holy crap, I know enough German to see the spoken words alongside the subtitles in the spy movie! Well, one entirely basic sentence, but still.

Even as I laugh at this, I'm aware I shouldn't have used chrome-dome's personal situation against him. I remember, however, that the same mind that made decisions in his personal life makes decisions that affect workers, business owners, and customers. Going by the decisions made by the man himself and those he's chosen to make them, I'm inclined to agree even with Dorian on any efforts against his company, if nothing else.

Harm at scale, Mr. Bezos. I may love what Kindle's done for books, and I won't deny the convenience Amazon's provided, but I wholeheartedly despise what your company's become.

- Who can I 看 (such a convenient verb to fit so many contexts) for reliable counsel on this issue?

- Mr. Robot's 街道.

- 豺狼 不着 辩词. (I apologize for any mistakes in the language, not the sentiment.)

- Why would the one-party state here want to change the one-party states they want to be?

- Fun with the more diversionary recommendations this aggregator's deemed appropriate to my situation: condolences to the woman on her situation (though I doubt she needs them), but [verb]ing for dubious tools was never an option; neither was 和谐.

- Ending with 1) a reminder of other not-a-cameo eye candy and 2) a reminder of substance over purses.

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