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Mostly water

Study material that's on now nearly changed my mind on traditional opera, if only because the singer's voice wasn't quite so tinny. What about 5万元? I'm guessing it's two segments in a row containing 元, though I'm not entirely sure - also guessing it's the finance portion of the news; but one looked like government spending while the other looked like holiday spending, so I wonder if they're separate issues or connected, the one a payout that affects the other. Traditional versus simplified captions, that much I'm sure of.

Why is it 父母子女 (oh, so 微软 can enter 女 in this IME after all!) as opposed to 父母儿女? (That term's in the IME as well, so what determines the choice between them in the dialogue?) 拼音 fumuern results in 父母儿女: however, 拼音 fumuernu nets 父母而怒. That's not on me, that's on you - and I don't mind being consistent when it comes to exposing this sort of thing, for good or ill.

Ooh, dude! Ils ont la langue français avec 汉字 à la même fois! A bit of study material popped up just now, reminding me that I'd posted a link to a video earlier that questioned western media's view of a 豺狼 政权- makes me wonder about this ad on 马云的电影. (I wonder if the stated change from long game to reactionary is a new thing that circumstances have forced 豺狼 政权 to make; I tend to keep vocab 香港 in mind when it comes to that point. I also tend to be the opposite of diplomatic. Ooh, the 豺狼 in 赤服 was on the 广播!)

Adding this and checking info it's mentioned on several chipmakers. Wonder if this is a counter?

Ah, here's why I had water on my mind. If it's false, that's easily quantifiable; if it is true, why would vocab 台湾 want to ally with those who would literally poison it? (And on a holiday? 河蟹. Also - dude!) Adding a memory. And since they haven't stopped, pirates.

I could go one of two ways on this information: either grow up (and there's something enormously messed up if I'm the one who has to say that); or, I wonder if he realizes that this is the fictional character whose story writers trashed by means of (am I right in acronymizing this as) FAFO with secret identities and then rewriting its ideals to make it OK to lie. (Silly me - he's a politician, it fits. Carry on.) Speaking of politicians, weather eyes on a couple more. (I wonder who I would address this heads up to - Lotus, Madam Term Limits, or Finger-The-Mirror?)

Side note on the poor, sad divorced people keywords winding up in my feed for some reason. I can help with food easily enough, from mise to recipe calculation to plating in 90-ish minutes, but not with your wonky relationships.

Adding these articles to A) note a common tie and B) when it comes to trusting science, I'll side with folk such as these.

Adding this (oh really? here's another link - it's too funny not to tie in) because oh dear, another monologue with foresight. (Seriously, there's more potty talk earlier on. Ack, not foresight - a memory!)

Ending with this because comedy.

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