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Synchronized doubles, ee!

The writer of this article makes several points I agree with, in how the perception of obesity changed from being a sign of affluence (the ability to afford excess food) to a sign of poverty (cheap but unhealthy food, limited - not a lot - of free time or disposable income to allot - not alot - to exercise); and in how improving one's ability with functional movement is safeguarding oneself over the long term. There's even a proposal I quite like, about having free access to safe outdoor exercise areas. What's written here reinforces what I've learned, from concepts read elsewhere to experiences I've tried for myself. If it hadn't been cheapened by once again using race as lazy clickbait, I might even admire that article.

What's the point behind making that connection? Needless to say, race doesn't limit anyone's physical activity (how old are yoga and tai chi, and where's parkour from?); exercise can be incorporated into daily activity; and if I remember correctly, the concept of exercise snacking is a thing (snicker).

Reading that article felt like what's-his-name and etiquette around eating rice. Thank goodness for search engines that enable one to seek out better.

Ending with this because d'aww, it's moving.

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