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Funny that there are still some unusually encouraging moves to see even now.

Vocab: 斐济

Vocab: 德国

Vocab: 日本 (しつづける)

Vocab: 香港 - I've several reasons beyond a self-muzzled fratello and an exodus to switch stopovers to locations further north, as well as to keep an app that actually teaches the languages I want to study; the linked stories are just reinforcement.

Vocab: still there, 微软; and in closely related news, how'd they manage it, Meph?

Adding this because maraming salamat.

Adding this because despite the addition above, I rather think money hasn't quite solved everything.

Ending with a wee bit of a laugh - the usage of bags in this way is commonplace in the region, I'll agree; but going by the appearance of the specific bag in question, I'm wondering if any associated term is the same in name as it is in nature. TL;DR - vocab: mohel. So not sorry.

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