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My, is that the time?

Training to strike using one's own body is dangerous enough. Training to use a separate weapon is even more so. Aiming at another person is a choice, made jokingly or otherwise. Know that living with the consequences is better than the alternative. Consider that, since the living in this case is better than many alternatives, there's a plethora of opportunities still available. Study Spanish, perhaps. Or 汉语, if there are still any 金融家 to be had in that industry. (Still there, 微软.)

Slight digression, this, but speaking of opportunities: if there's anything behind the news of the recently convicted using the associated publicity to obtain financing, then it's another reason that, for all its appeal, the industry in question is more dangerous than any physical weapon to people of any persuasion (red hat or otherwise), and the Romans may have been right to treat such an industry the way they did.

Yeesh. Wonder about wishing for immortality, if this reruns over months and years and millennia.

Ending with this because holy crapballs it's buttercream.

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