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Huh - I have the odd feeling that study material guy in a suit would have much wilder hair if this were in English.

I thought at first the drawing was a historical reference to spina bifida, with something red emerging from a human's backbone, but in the context of sea turtles and 人鱼, that something red might have been a dorsal fin instead. Seeing this makes me really curious about what that musical instrument was in the red circle and about that thing with the salt harvesting. Also mildly proud of myself for learning enough to tell that the on-screen captions are half a second ahead of the spoken dialogue. (Tangential response to this article - still there, 微软.)

Adding this because I'm wondering if it's "our own students" instead - yep.

More and more frequently, I'm seeing articles from multiple publications with different ideological bents showing a modicum of agreement on election odds. Weather eye on these, and I'll stick with my own plans for the ballot. (Adding this because you sure? Really sure?)

Re-upping this because of yet another tie to a parliamentary discussion of this memory - the one-word summary continues to apply, and it's further proof of what is not a guarantee of good judgment. (Red flag on such "education.")

Adding this to ask, where do the terms 爱国者 and 香草美人 apply here? Or, more specifically, here?

Adding this because tangent with captions.

Ending with this because I think I may have seen this before, but it's still funny.

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