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Naturally grown foilage

Maybe it's the light, but if leaf blanching is a possible symptom of calcium deficiency in plants, then it looks like those eggshells have helped. And starting the garlic indoors have paid off for more plants than just itself - planting out cloves with an established root system helped them spread through the soil more widely more quickly, and the potatoes I put in next to them survived with only a shallow dig. Also, chitting those seed potatoes helped protect them too - green skin means solanine (it's why eating such potatoes causes stomach upset); so if there was any nibbling, it wasn't enough to knock these babies out.

Anong klaseng kaibigan sila kung may pusil sila sa ulo mo? Then again, considering what's happening with another...

Adding these articles here for eyes on more than screenshots.

Adding this for the quotes "more repressive internally and aggressive externally" and "'that the systemic rivals aspect is increasing more and more,'" and keeping in mind this pattern of more than twice.

I shall never tire of congratulating you on your win.

Ending with this because I'm wondering if they can be grown indoors.

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