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Need a tissue?

I've seen a pattern in these articles lately, and it's surprising how similar the language is, even in the headlines alone, regarding who's playing victim in this news cycle. (Numbers, Junction Dwellers?)

In this case, it's an issue not of appeal, but of trust in government. I'm not the one generalizing the manipulation of sexual trauma to all survivors of such trauma; I'm focusing on the one person who's already used crocodile tears to push forward legislation and to rage wokeness even against the benign and the dead (who's the apostate here again?), so I've no benefit of the doubt left for Dorian. (Neither, apparently, does she for the guy doing his job, and passing judgment is exactly what happened.)

Not all trauma survivors are Machiavellian, but this politician is. See if any of this sounds familiar - other legislators haven't had it as hard. Pointing out unpopular rhetoric equals racial resentment. You're not allowed to use my initials because I don't like you.

You lot say you want an adult in the room, and yet this is what you support.

* Edited to add: the information in this article about hashtags brings to mind last night's graph on "likes, shares, and comments." If that graph was meant to imply that supporters from one candidate were not suppressed because look at the size of that slice, let me point you to the pet pictures.

Ending with this because it made me go d'aww.

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