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Needs makeup

From one network among a slew of others who repeatedly use one man and one event as a symbol for decline comes this op-ed. Despite the understandable sentiment, I'm also interested in what the chosen piece didn't show - the other symbols that have come up since. (This is one of many that show the election of officials who don't rely on "supremacy" as a whistle, and it's a more uplifting image than that of a helicopter.)

It's plain to see the difference in coverage on issues under the prior administration and the current one, such as the border and economy. The use of the term "cudgel" here, for instance, speaks of a need to defend how budget management is conducted under the speaker's administration (cuts and delays are likely a normal part of the process, but complaints about their optics are coming more from those once accustomed to the favors of The Junction, a la bartender).

Bit of a digression - "normal part of the process" sparked a memory of this article, and I link complaints about optics to the paragraph ending with "evidence [one] watched the game."

I read in these pieces that come through the feed a head of state who, sheltered from the heaviest effects of supply chain issues, speaks of constituents not understanding the effects of that chain; a second whose counterargument on border issues didn't address ruffled feathers; a speaker whose household's activity with the stock market is treated as a bellwether for others to "all hail" rather than something to sanction; all spoken for by a press secretary who, despite being fully vaccinated, was affected long enough to require quarantine. (Placing aside the issue of a positive test, congratulations on being healthy.)

I'm glad that what I read hasn't been stifled, and await the next ballot.

Adding this here (a reposted issue, if I remember correctly, even if the article itself may not be) because the art reflects more of the brash openness muzzled for reasons other than 金融家.

Ending with this because I wonder whether the beans are more like barbecue sauce or tomato sauce, and whether there's any sour cream to go with the dish.

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