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Never too cold for ice cream

Go beyond the title, do, before assuming why I'd think this article is worth a read. The story goes from 'if one can find ice cream, one can choose between chocolate and vanilla' (a situation where opportunities must be hunted down and are limited, if they're available at all) to 'how many flavors are there now, 51?' (a situation where opportunities are both easier to find and far more numerous).

There are plenty enough examples of capitalism run amok (there exists a demand for expensive fashion brands, for one, therefore so does a demand for knockoff purses and watches), and more educated people than I have written on the burden that so much choice puts on the individual. (I've set my flavor choices and play with toppings instead.) However, it sounds to me that the zeitgeist, rather than is moving to, has moved to the opposite extreme in terms of preference. If posting this redresses the balance in some way, then so much the better.

I say better because I'd prefer to live under something other than these conditions. (Before I forget: for politicians in dressup regarding that environmental thing - this is still going on, so maybe drop the muzzle. Thank you.)

Adding this because any politician in dressup who speaks of peace while self-censoring as this continues is complicit.

Ending with this because the search continues for book-scented candles.

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