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New toy!

It would be fascinating to watch a live-action attempt at dancing with a fire extinguisher in zero-gravity.

I'm glad I'm not the only one keeping count of lapses small and large that prompt multiple instances to counter the sundowner-in-chief. The material used in his defense has gone from 'whose war?' to 'who's aligning with whom?' and while political satire is something one must be accustomed to when holding office, these counters are showing up in quotes from foreign heads of state. If even those in similar situations overseas question whether the 'special military operation' is the only cause of varying issues, I'm wondering whether those tasked with coverup nearer by listen to themselves anymore.

On that note, adding this piece to offer condolences to not-my-situation, but I tend to side with continuing documentation in order to have one's own back.

Adding these numbers, should one be so inclined to read them.

Ending with this because oh, that's soothing.

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