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Hearing this particular news is nothing to gloat about - despite the cynical inkling that the people on this project are intelligent enough to have known about the risk of this occurring and chosen to use it, I'm guessing the damage existing and projected still has to be a difficult thing for them to see. (Adding this because I'm surprised at how the cynical inkling showed up, in this case as a fuel retention issue.)

Which is why I was planning on holding off, until I read this hilarious bit of news.

It's almost like 伪君子 don't enjoy such harsh words - feeding 脱空汉 their own 狗屁 seems too much to handle, and when 豺狼当道, they can't be seen to back down. But yes, of course, diplomacy please, as the 色狼 asks.

- I like dictionaries, have I mentioned? 舵手 - the hand at the rudder. That's the second term, a resurrected title this time, that implies "holding" in connection to "control." If compiling a list of titles is the name of the game, here are my plays - how's 好事 (I wonder how 多手多脚 relates), or 十年君子, or the good old classic 熊兄弟?

- This is not news, though I'm glad someone else is writing on this. This long game has been going on over decades, something I myself only vaguely noticed in relatives' discussions after college, and to which I've only paid active attention over the past what, three or so years? (Feels like I've typed these words out before, too.) Within that span of years, I came across at least one article that mentions the aggression having come a bit too soon, something in relation to 戰狼 spouting the now-expected (did I use 放诞 or 狂 last time?) 黑屁 before their capacity was fully developed. (I wonder if it was this specific article.)

- My, the projection I see in this article - spare me the sanctimony and the holier-than-thou propaganda, because the rapaciousness in contested waters alone supports the use of the term 麻雀 over 天鹅. (You again - distinctive beard is distinctive, and I'm developing a greater aversion to facial hair than usual.) When I say nibbles, I mean the 敌害 has already helped itself to a snack platter with 香港, and 不丹, and 印度, and still there 微软 not using your entry. (Looks like the comments section here noticed the nibbles too. ...Adult satire using stop motion animation, skit with schoolchildren and desks.)

The pattern of aggression is too unmistakable to be denied, and I'm quite settled on who's the aggressor in this situation.

- Ending with this bit of potentially swear-y study material that's much more aww than the situation to which it's accidentally relevant.

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