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Nice Out

Still studying, though the notes will have to wait.

Wondering exactly how satisfying one can find a situation in which 豺狼政权的国人, from old to young, city (I think the opera singer's on the news now) to country to I thought you 豺狼政权 needed these guys, are so adversely affected. How loudly and for how long must one say what one has to say before action is finally taken? (And considering the stalling on the trade war thing, the 'we'll do as agreed, hang on a minute' that ticked along the months - until further notice, I consider 熊兄弟 and 酒肉朋友 in the same camera frame have the same level of sincerity as I would any other photo op. Adding this tie to the photo ops for ripples of complicit silence, fratello.)

All this along with years of still there, 微软 - and I know because I just checked again - ensure that I redirect where I seek my satisfaction.

Adding this because despite 十年不晚, there's more than one thing still there.

Adding this for educational ties to current and historical events along with the funny. брат.

Adding this because just checking, Meph.

Ending with this because it fits.

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