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No running

Ack. Study material or otherwise, certain music sounds better from musical instruments than from the human voice. (Wonder if he's still on the subway?) Beside the point, since it's subtitles rather than captions this time. (I think it's a female relative - which one?)

Those whose ambitions drive them to a position in which their decisions affect the lives of more than their nearest had best be prepared to have others make those current decisions their concern, because the consequences are on more than just the decision-maker now. (And hasn't this one already retired?)

Adding this to reflect a similar level of confidence in retconner and her nearest.

Adding this because keep going!

Adding the following because I'm wondering if multiple forms of confinement are interchangeable here. (京没有人权 - interesting, the implication that the door was open on that side to begin with. Also, still there, 微软.)

Adding this because it's a fascinating reminder.

Adding this because of le comte et la bourse.

Ending with this for unexpected reasons.

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