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No wonder

Turns out I did recognize the face - same actor, different parts in two series, except it isn't river orchid dude at all. Just 1/3 scary stewardess. While I'm crossing my fingers on these guys not putting themselves through anything similar to what the women likely did, even a cursory glance through that industry's information ensures I know where my bet's going. And I was wondering what the belts of glass bottles meant on the news broadcast. Huh - 10人在日本 and a ski lift? Odd to say that one could use some of that weather here, but I'm saying it. Man, is it a pain to write 汉字 quickly enough to check whether the game show options are ingredients or not!

Does 豺狼政权 think a year is enough time to blur the memory of "no limits," especially when paired with more recent events? I still haven't found an equivalent term in 汉字 for those who fit the dictionary definition, but 豺狼政权有撒谎. (Reviewing vocab: 俄国, 南非; adding this for vocab 南韩, 乌克兰.)

Considering the ailment in question in this article is that which sparked my interest in the connection between news broadcasts and movie rerun timing, I'm taking the fact-checker bit with other pieces of information on Shady Pines' current mentation. You know, for “context and clarity."

And though this specific article would likely fit closer to those who fit the dictionary definition, I'm adding it here instead, since I find it encompasses both 豺狼政权 and Sundowner. I agree wholeheartedly with the new head's acknowledgment of the research tied to the organization's former motto. Despite anyone's view on repetition, that agreement is why I insist on reupping these links when the occasion arises - doing otherwise would allow the memory to fade. There's a reason for that adage on history and repetition: forgetting would either enable the forgetful to repeat the action, thinking they're the first to have done such a thing; or conceal the action of those who kept the memory as part of their playbook while those around them did otherwise. (Matching keywords in my feed with serendipitous material. Memory endures.)

Ending with this for another reason to choose tea.

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