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Not so green. Still growing.

Huh. That superhero movie title's only got one of the group that was on screen. (There. Fixed. Huh. Nope. What happened?)

The title fits the content about as much as that first line did, but I'd rather keep it up there for reasons other than what's on this page. On to today's collection.

Vocab review list:



意大利, 西班牙

美国 (not forgetting this either)

印度 (huh - my dictionary has 天竺 as one of two archaic terms, but I can find only this 毒 element of the second in the IME. Still there, 微软.)

It's Sisyphean to keep the reminder that countries neighboring and otherwise have been targeted while examination of local facilities has been delayed. "Be transparent! Make public your data!" If this 叠床架屋 is meant to continue, I'll continue to say that 你们 still owe the people above an explanation, rather than the repetitions still on tap.

- In this article, what especially grabs my attention are these parts: "trepidation among some scientists about publicly discussing the lab leak hypothesis for fear that their words could be misconstrued or used to support racist rhetoric about how the coronavirus emerged" and "didn't give researchers access to full records and raw data." A decision based on fear and the withholding of information sound to me like more of an attack on science than anything one person can claim; and if feeling free to speak after a long period of having to restrain oneself is spilling the proverbial tea - much as I like tea, I'm glad to see this spillage.

- Pushback. Pushback. Every form of pushback. These needed forms of pushback. I like to see them push back.

- Ending with this reminder that tech exists to make the efforts of a few into something much larger. It's a reassurance, not because of what it shows me, but because of the possibilities it shows in what I might be facing. Not knowing how to use this is oddly comforting simply because I know that my efforts, such as they are, are still mine.

- Adding this because cats.

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