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Not the rebels anymore

It's difficult to maintain one's interest when seeing and reading about some new cancellation or other (although if anything merits cancelling, it's casual racism around children - get back in the pool).

The cheaper bits are easy enough to discard, but the larger issue they reflect is not. I agree with the points made in this article - it isn't the underdog who determines what goes into the dictionary or what gets capitalized, or the outsider who determines who keeps their jobs or who gets paid more.

Why is a Rainbow Pride parade any more or less permissible than a Straight Pride parade? If they're peaceful, why not have both? Why is a police officer using a music school's toilet so controversial? Does body armor eliminate the need to pee? Why would a child saying to his lawyer mother 'only women can be lawyers' be a pleasant anecdote in a TV ad? And do I now have to wonder whether that innocent statement would exclude people of other genders on the spectrum?

These are individual examples that form my view of current events - this cultural change isn't based on seeking equal footing. This isn't Rebel, it's Empire, and I doubt that the awareness of this has fully hit.

I'm surprised that I'm the one thinking of these issues as pedantic, but adapt one must. As for me, I'm capitalizing any color that has to do with a person.

Hie thee back to the tabloids now, shoo.

(Huh. I do focus on the toilet more often than not. There aren't many equalizers quite like a daily basic need that puts people in a vulnerable position.)

(Also, there has to be something wrong around here when this sounds local.)

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