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Notepad 4/23

Huh. I think I can do something about these seedlings with no fuss about another packet.

When did I mention a question about AI getting better and humans getting worse? It was attached to a video on college students testing themselves against another country's English exam. (Two guys and a girl, using the 한국 exam, if I recall correctly.) Adding this here because it fits. Ahem, Meph.

Yep, salami slicing. Why is this conference in this timeslot? It has two, and I'm wondering what's behind the limited replays.

My, this is an interesting addition to the feed - 立陶宛人 也 不 信任 中国 的 豺狼 政权 的 说话. Good luck keeping any percent if a 豺狼 政权 gets hold. I have got to find that other article that refers to 'salami slicing' as tiny steps forward versus tiny steps back, where one doesn't notice the steps back because there's too much else around that 'just doesn't feel right.' (Nice try. You just don't have an effective argument or a track record in government that's beyond the performative.)

Adding this because if the statement was stricken from the record, the articles are not. And the video is far more blunt.

Adding this because - forget for a moment vocab 美国 and consider the history of 한국 and 日本, and this is great news!

Ending with this because the skies inspire it.

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