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Notes 1/23

"不客气啊" 是 他 的 妹妹 吗? Uh - dude? What's the problem with them living across the way from each other? What's the female counterpart to 叔叔? Is there a counterpart to the term? Uh-oh. "坐下. 你 看看 我." And now 他 的 妹妹's busted the two in a 撒谎. (Hang on, 撒谎-ing might be more accurate.) 她 的 母亲 吗? 回家? 今天! Dude, how is this not a soap opera? I'm thinking this sort of formulaic story ought to work as well as pop music for language acquisition, 对吗? 她 也 是 她 女儿 吗? Wait - 普通话在法国 is based on real cases? Or just “based on?" 小手x in relation to a medical condition? Ach, I keep missing the dude's name! (And where is that article on who determines conditions around who the 女儿 marries in this aftermath? Ties to themes more directly addressed in more fairytale-ish study material; the reference to those same themes felt more oblique in historical fiction. Safe bet those themes are meant to address these numbers.)

To supplement the previous collection of "relatively," I'm adding:

Replacing a concept with the question of who messed up, and who has to deal with the fallout? Bonus question: who set the standards in the first place? Thank you for reminding me to only accept that which is mine. Screenshots continue!)

Acknowledging the keywords (I'm sure 40% can handle the more that's to come) reflecting articles that pop up about skin bleaching (humans are weird) and porcelain veneers (way to go cap tooth), and noting the results in the articles' photos. Does it feel better having done such things to yourselves? Because it sure soothes me and reinforces why I chose years ago to do otherwise. May the development of AI-generated photo-realistic faces be a balm to those who choose filters and fillers.

Ending with this because it might be a bit early, but I'm glad to see this sort of article back in the feed.

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