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Notes 2/11

Woot! Weather report study material with new-ish vocab - 台北, 台中, 台南, 台dratIhavetoswitchIMEs東.

你的豺狼政权 already claimed two (of how many?), so I find it a safe bet that knowledge of "a fleet" is nearer than claimed; and would that information be shared if the balloons hadn't been spotted in the first place? (Oof, those lyrics. I've got to check the 德语 counterpart.)

Adding this for the vocab: 西藏, 南韩, 挪威, 越南, 南非, 俄国 (dictionary huh?). And this for bakit ba, 酒肉朋友? (Do I have to restate that viewing the culture and the 豺狼政权 in entirely different lights is entirely doable?)

Bookmark for a recent article because I agree with "age doesn't matter" in this sense - when a politician has a pattern that's older than many of the constituents who voted for him, age isn't an excuse.

Yeah, I know, this again, but language re-acquisition though! (谢谢 brings up a question I asked earlier about another series, about contemporary use of hand signals, though not in a sign language sense - also, when was this SL developed?)

Ending with this - wondering how it's prepared (tea? soup?), though it's good to know it can be homegrown. (Bookmark for an earlier article where a traditional medicine ingredient had evolved better camouflage because it was over-harvested in the wild.)

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