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Notes 2/14

Huh. Had a question earlier on a news broadcast, about what the subject had to do with a specific year on a timeline - that's answered. Yeesh - that's two instances in study material (and one in where-did-I-put-that-book) that make use of a missing tailor's tape.

Unexpectedly gigglesnorting at this article - which 五毛 decided to focus on a localized chemical spill rather than multiple incidents of aircraft that pad a list of geographical vocabulary, like that's all you could find to deflect 人人的看看 from a string of events that's galvanized those affected? In a place already known for actual sweatshops, it would be fitting for such folk to join a meme sweatshop. (How's that copyright infringement lawsuit coming?) For those who haven't yet, it's an appropriate year to make the leap. (Hm. Also, should that be 'which of the 五毛' or 'which 五毛人?' And speaking of geography vocab - heads up, 南美.)

Adding this to measure the treatment of women.

Adding this because should Dorian decide whether or not to scrap the C in CINO, the amount of respect I hold for her remains the same. (As it remains for those like her.)

Adding this to wonder how these people intend to make things right - by my count, only one person's had the gumption to take a shot at doing so. (Adding this to expand the range of people in that field.)

Moving this because priorities, despite madlass nailing it. (What? I can enjoy this easily enough before 50 and 一百九十九 take effect. My, but keywords are especially fixated on apps I don't use, today more than usual - ohh, that makes sense.)

Ending with this because eee! as well as yum.

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