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Notes 2/17

Is this the same episode as earlier with 老夫人不可以厨 or another one? Like it's a running gag or something? Because that duck looks right tasty. (它 看 很 好吃.) Am I supposed to feel better knowing 老夫人的丈夫 ran from the wok too? Dry before you fry, that's why. OH YOU 4$$! No wonder nobody ate it - somebody switched the seasoning labels and now I have to learn what was written on the damn lid! ACC 是什么?

Going by what I remember reading, the argument made in the article referred to by the-word-'misnomer'-applies was that the origins of organized exercise are connected to colonialism and that its current image is tied to race-related body ideals, so yes, I'm of the opinion that the first article writer makes the claim that exercise as it is is racist - why else make some overwrought justification tying the human body's need for movement to skin tone? It's an argument I rank alongside the determination of personality traits through the use of star doodles, since 'nowhere safe to jog' also happens where race is less of an issue than traffic and the availability of sidewalks. (I've used street photos earlier - reminder to check updates.)

Adding these articles to wonder if vocab 澳大利亚's camera issues are with the same brand. (Yep.)

Adding these articles for comparison - treatment for mental health issues on top of accommodations for hearing and stroke damage, and this chick's age is a problem? Will he be as heartily praised should he retire from his post due to these ongoing issues, and she as vilified when she, I don't know, uses the wrong fork at a state dinner? (Another break, Don?)

Adding this, along with some more reminders.

Adding this for kicks and giggles (and to help with what folk on the phones, though she had a nice enough voice, couldn't do). Adding these too, partly for the same sort of entertainment, partly to remind myself of TB and Meph.

Hah! Finally found the dress whose 'inappropriateness' in the classroom is what I wanted to contrast with jambags.

Acknowledging, but not linking to - if AI text is going haywire and recycling is their last remaining resort to keep labor costs down, then meme sweatshops are so boned.

Ending with this because it defines the difference between the ingredients... eventually.

Adding the image to wonder what the Arabic translates to.

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