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Notes 2/20

Still trying to get vocab 广播 to stick. I wonder if restaurants have their own separate consumer reports coverage in these news broadcasts. It's not exactly a regular segment, but kitchen nightmares are an issue that seems to recur frequently enough that I consider it might warrant a block of time for it. As for the news itself, it's regular, but not strictly a 整点.

Adding this because training exercises and something else I heard yesterday on changing a classification to state-sponsored, such information sounds like "no limits" still applies. 我 不 信任 你们, 豺狼 政权. Shady Pines is that rank as well, for all that I'm glad to see support go to those who need it. (Keeping in mind resource allocation versus anticipated later usage - adding this because it asks a similar question on "stocks," another on country-specific foreign policy, and of course the trip's a photo op.) Adding this iteration of a stale argument.

Adding this look at a person who boosted Shady Pines for office to ask - would you rather have a middling bartender, and why are you still spinning?

Adding this because for me, it's a fine line between wanting to keep all books and what place do jambags have in the classroom? However, I've since learned that part of defining that line is whether information generates curiosity or doubt; and while 'thank you for teaching' applies to more recent developments and then some, I still remember there's a poem that makes the book's sentiment a difficult thing to hold.

I've learned to build my curiosity when it comes to most information I encounter. When it comes to anything that sounds like The Spin, I'd rather save my energy for about all else, because I have a feeling most of those books will be back on the shelves once they're sorted. Tangent - which book was that with a clockmaker's kid and a heavy suitcase? Too heavy for a child to lift, but bearable for the adult that child becomes, was the analogy.

Adding these articles because this specific issue hasn't been in my feed recently, but I'm curious about how other parts of a 豺狼政权 continue to push the destruction of a neighboring culture on the down low.

Adding this to look at so many apps I don't use. Where are 50 (partial answer) and 一百九十九 right now, I wonder?

Acknowledging, but not linking to, videos that generate the question of how many times these channels will upload the same clip under different titles in order to take advantage of keywords. So far it's two channels, same clip, about six months between iterations. (Once is an accident, twice a coincidence...)

Ending with this to cheer something that's apparently more than just delicious with onions and vinegar.

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