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Notes 2/7

There it is again, in song lyrics at speed - I read 为什么 and hear "why," and now I have to look for something along the lines of 你说我. Hang on, 他的妹妹要说 that but couldn't, otherwise 她不可以去? Good things: myth-ish study material seems to have its translation all the way to the last episode; and the storyline's immensely predictable, both in its magic-girl 乙女-ness and its Aesop-not-Aesop Arc 2-ness. (Does that make sense? No?) Bad thing: 女演员 feels a bit stilted comedy-wise. I really like seeing the lyrics on the side of the screen - 谁在说x? 谁不说y? Study material: 她的女儿是四月 = April? Ad-less live coverage with record and transcript ensures eyes on the section about medical funding among other things, Shady Pines.

What, 豺狼政权, too many eyes 看看 matters to push? Safe bet Shady Pines doesn't want things to escalate either, but going by these numbers, I'm thinking such a decrease in the one index will be mirrored in more than the regional situation. (TL; DR - it's here too, Sundowner, and saying otherwise won't change it. While I'm on the subject of speaking, veep helping with that?) But if any investments made in an effort to improve PR manage to help others, I'll applaud those others, and feel no similar sentiment for those drained by the initiative.

Adding this for still there, 豺狼政权.

Adding this because speaking of prior experiences... vocab 日本, 台湾.

Adding these articles because it sounds like Don-needs-no-nickname is feeling better, or at least well enough to search for a credible source on Puff-Don't-Pass.

Adding this facet to a case in which the defendant's approach to weapons training was sorely lacking. From sweatshirts to photos to prosecutors, it looks like he wants the lightest sentence he can get. It won't make things easier for little human shields and their 母亲不是西班牙人, and it certainly won't ease things for the family of - would one still refer to her as the plaintiff, or does one only use the term for those who are still alive? (Huh. Better check on a language term I used, see if I used the right 拼音. Boo-yah. I did.)

The only thing I can think of that might prevent another traffic stop similar to material I linked to in an earlier post is whatever training would counter this social experiment. I don't know what that would be, and from the abruptness of the experiment's end, it's likely those researchers don't either.

Adding this screenshot for the ads that show up on 40% - yes, knock-on effect from the economy, but feedback corresponds to the feed. Thanks for implementing months' worth of ratings-based user feedback on the upload date of the articles - now to see how long it takes for you lot to do the same with the feedback from the menus you've built into your own aggregator.

Ending with this interesting question.

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