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Notes 3/13

I have got to bookmark that channel next I find it - some have both subtitles and captions, and function as study material; some have only subtitles, which makes for mere entertainment. 我 不 明白 公主 的 家人。他 和 她 是 家人 吗?他们 的 父母 是 兄弟姐妹 吗?Got it! Same organization, different segments. Yikes, 他们 的 父母 是 兄弟姐妹. 公主 的 父亲 是 皇后 的 哥哥(?); 皇后是 太子 的 母亲. 二大哥(?) 和 三大哥 的 母亲 是 什么 女人?

Adding a note on language learning and salami slicing on another front in the culture war. (Thanks for the reminder.)

Funny how this IME matches the dictionary on vocab 菲律宾, while yours is still there 微软 - why does yours not?

Noting that this sort of occurrence is so commonplace as to receive belated acknowledgment, and how does one define relations when such endangering is an expected component? When a 豺狼政权 repeatedly cares this little about where their space junk falls, pinks, it goes directly against that sign.

Raising a glass to bipartisanship. (And if I understand this correctly, even if it doesn't result in an immediate ban - which I'm for in this case - it would still allow a later total ban on the app in question as well as others like it.)

Huh. Thanks for the archive link as well as for the reminder of an MMORPG and a social media platform until the mass outing. I'm for the immediate ban far more solidly now, and am more convinced of which side of the divide has chosen influence over constituents versus their well-being. (奴吏僭怕, I recall.)

I hope it's understandable that I snicker at a gamer joke about where NPCs don't look even as I read about a Saigon rerun, though pinning invasion deterrence on the Sundowner is a bit much.

Adding the following with thanks for insight into how an estate can make edits, and the care with which these specific ones were made; despite that, it's also a reminder to look for earlier editions changed by the author.

I recall an episode of a sitcom where the titular character had to vet his kids' (eldest daughter, twins, or both?) schoolbooks. If that is a reflection of an existing process, like say the one south and east, then I'm guessing the books in question in the fictional and the real-world versions are still for sale elsewhere and not burnt. (Slippery slope argument here too, I expect as a counter.) In addition, I'd suppose those books are still published and available to people who "share their values and sensibilities," or even for "scouts," should they choose those books for themselves.

It brings the issue back around to who controls education and the media, which I'd like to think is built for the concept and challenge behind the meme guy's table, and have instead contemporary examples showing adults who have left childlike intuition and the "scout" mindset at the wrought iron gates.

I see the erosion of choice, and reaction to it. Change my mind.

Ending with this because yum.

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