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Notes 3/14

他 说 什么?他 的 motto 是 什么?"不 能" 什么?And why do the titles on study material hit-or-miss match?

I have my reasons for not being Catholic (surprisingly apart from fratello decrying war while 兄弟 thanks you for complicit silence). What's yours, Mr. Biden? (This time, that is.)

First, it's nepotism bordering on treason; now, it looks like one might rank this "sinfulness" bordering on blasphemy. Again. How much of this playing to the base is about medical intervention and how much is for what amounts to a nose job as a birthday present?

Did you not read the news, either on the religious front or the scientific one?

Or are you relying on a photo op to gloss over what is not "renewal," only a continuation of policy that goes against what you say you are? Again.

Though perhaps I should thank you for encouraging me to a closer look at the laws that restrict the procedures in question so I can disdain this most recent example of "incoherence."

I've been on that site - which petition? So I can sign it too.

Ending with this because of the mention of "smelling" a fever. If smell is tied to taste, check percentage of supertasters who are women. (Ah-hah.)

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