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Notes 3/17

Circumstances aside, I'm glad to be able to recognize vocab 乌克兰 and 俄罗斯 spoken without visual context clues. Vocab 宏都拉斯 has yet to stick, though.

Dude, 豺狼政权 has already blocked its ears to several heads of state, a red phone, and a fratello discarded after serving his purpose, resorting to passive aggressive implications in public statements and refusing direct discussion (I'm guessing) on record. You think you'd be treated any differently by such - ah, I remember why 熊兄弟 forbade the nickname.

Have I added this step to 一百九十八 yet? Vocab 纽西兰.

How frequently has this pattern of cutting off comms been repeated, and who stands to profit from doing so?

Yes, it's scary and plenty inconvenient. The polite course of action is to offer condolences, I think. (...Pff.)

Moved this for its newsworthiness - speaking of Vancome-ing, adding the results from what women around Don see - avoid the awards show clapback all you like, one can adapt using other means.

Ending with this reading exercise.

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