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Notes 3/27

I wonder why this one sprout is developing on the side of the clove rather than at its center. Did it stop its split into two, and where might I expect the second sprout? And from what I got outta captions: 很多人面, 女人的, 孩子, 什么? From dialogue recognition: 宏都拉斯 something 我们的国家? (Ah. 千金便利买.)

Glad to see others keeping guard against a 豺狼, even if pinks won't.

Speaking of pinks, I mentioned something earlier about Dorian and reliance on media - I might well have said 'mutual reliance' instead, and that's two issues in my recent observation tied to occasionally by name what's cultivated by nature. Hm. Too long a reference. Ah - "Nasty" fits.

And if I understand the neologism correctly, you pinks are glazing Chewy now?

Ooh, this is fun:

"The idea that someone may face accountability, who is that rich and powerful, is outrageous, and this country shouldn't stand for it."

So I ask, what do you mean, comedian? Of course you can!

It just depends on the party, is all.

Penultimate this one thing in recent memory with which I vehemently agree. (Clarifying, if only for myself, the difference between old-school books and jambag books. The books subject to the vetting process still may be openly advertised and sold and privately lent in their original forms, despite schools and public libraries choosing whether or not to use them. The writer quoted here makes the point of keeping the original author's words and meaning, if I understand it correctly, to see that author's context and examine it using one's own. Here, rewriting reduces understanding. Pinks.)

Ending with this because pets.

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