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Notes 3/9

I wonder if the difference between 这里 那里 哪里 and 这儿 那儿 哪儿 is that 里 can refer to any place, while 儿 in this case is meant to refer to the area immediately around oneself. Maybe something like Ringer 在那里为什么? 她不在我的家. 她不在她的家为什么? Hang on, 她不是 Ringer - 是她! Still oddly glad to see her, despite her place among several of her colleagues. Huh. I wonder if the term 孩子电视 exists - study material just reminded me of musical comedy.

Not a surprise that breaking Trail roots releases a scent like that of cut green beans, but it's quite nice this time of year. And the onions are doing so much better than I thought they would!

Captioner, it's viral, not bladder.

Adding this because I wonder if such news means vocab 澳大利亚 is "distorted" as well.

Adding this because I think I stopped keeping track around five.

Adding this to root for vocab still there, 微软.

That's at least twice now. Is this AI-generated or human copy-and-paste writing? Because with this repeat, I'd understand how a publication might want to cut labor costs in this part of The Junction.

Penultimate this because despite the platform, it's interesting information. (TL; DR - yum.)

Ending with this because it's about that time of year. (Also yum.)

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