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Notes 5/4

Yikes, background noise looked better with facial hair. And when'd they switch the cast round? Before I forget, noting that it was two rutabagas that went into the soup and the roast veg - roughly one for that amount in the bowl in the photo, and the other plus butternut squash for the six-ish servings of creamed veg soup.

One does not bury evidence of corruption and ineptitude any more than one would cover up a public killing; though on that last point, you might, Mr. King, speak to the recently photographed Mr. Baldwin about the life lesson that cost someone else's. Call me childish, but I'd like to believe "liberty and justice for all" includes holding accountable a drug-addled nepo baby's misdeeds, the commission of which financed the family and the coverup of which landed ol' daddy demented in the POTUS seat, just as much as one would hold accountable anyone who'd misuse a gun.

The logic in this tweet fits one who might excuse those whose lessons cost one life, if it would excuse those whose lessons cost rather more than thirteen. (I wonder if Afghanistan's a dry country, and if so - it is so - what would be served there instead of beer?) Excuse me, Mr. Baldwin, for thinking this is poor recompense. Or don't. Either way, I'm not watching that movie. Mr. King, I will always enjoy your books, Pet Sematary included, whether I respect the author or not.

Adding this for vocab 新疆.

Adding this to prod - air out those records if you have them, MP. More examples than this show well that 中国的豺狼政权 doesn't like sunlight. (Where was that recent article on seacraft in disputed waters and 豺狼政权 not appreciating the publicizing of that seacraft's activity?)

Adding this to ask, как сказать duh?

Adding this for the sandbox, and a heads up to the writer - check vocab 台湾.

Ah-hah. Adding this because of a comparison of storylines that "can feel uninspired with relatively predictable plotlines and unambiguous characters. Heroes are heroes and villains are villains." (There's a reason I used the keyword 'Aesop,' though I've yet to find the comic book writer who compared modern comic book franchises to simplistic fables.)

Based on this movie alone, y'all had at one point the complexity you now seek in your storylines - 你们 的 国人 是 这个 电影 的 演员 和 导演, 他们 说 你们 的 话, 他们 的 人物 在 你们 的 历史. So why do the shows I've linked to more recently, which if I understand correctly are from maybe the past two to five-ish years, fit keyword Aesop? And keyword 乙女, for that matter? Because the answer to that's on 你们导演 at this point.

Ending with these finds because A) combination and B) thyme.

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