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Notes before sunrise

Listing a few snippets from early morning testimony:

"We paid them to become stronger"

One administration gave "blankets and MREs" while another gave "Javelins"

Fulfilling an ideal, comparison to earlier wartime leader (Various articles have agreed or disagreed with that comparison since, but for once I agree with what the optics show - who to be when under fire.)

Chip independence by 2050

No specific attacks rn

No specific attacks related to current military situation (I'm using the term "military situation" because watching one's words is a thing.)

Threat up from another country, ballistics up

Sanctions effects? Long term consequences?

List of poisonings (Watch out for that чай.)

OSE translations?

Open source translations important

Energy independence, arrests further south?

Hardened views, insulated from other POVs

Funerals, impact over time, own countrymen protest (13k-14k arrested)

Oil supply, p5+1 arm

Adding these articles - the news outlet they're from has only recently appeared on this aggregator's feed - because it reminds me of this news outlet. (Still there.)

Adding these articles as well because there's an echo in here.

Ending with this bit of yay invasivore! (Not yea. Yay is a cheer, yea is a yes vote.)

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