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Now it's the next day

Sardines are awesome. Also, craggy old crab who can't graft his way round a proper grilled cheese, it's stress on the second syllable of those barnacles. (If I'm interpreting that floor cake correctly, it's a pastry cream idea with wheat flour instead of cornstarch, cooking long enough for the flour in the batter to get the custard-y texture, but not enough to develop the cake structure.) Also also, captioner, I've only ever used "proof" in relation to dough, though it seems "prove" is used as well.

Keeping an eye on this. Lotus to POTUS' transcripts might be ready at this point as well - I'll get to looking for that in a bit. (Got it.)

Eyes on these articles too - I've heard "peaceful coexistence" before, bruh.

Ending with this because something else to look for is a count on how much real-world tech exists from Trek versus Wars.

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