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Now's later.

I can pick out more words without needing the subtitles! (那是他的剑.) But why do they always speed up the fight scenes?

Likely not the only one to find this tech update (先审后发 = elder/beginning, examine/interrogate, back/future, emit/utter) sounds one step away from this Lotus move.

Weather eye on this because I wonder if the technique's really unconventional combat at this point.

Torn between relief at seeing another crack in the 政权 and the awareness of what happens to dominos.

Mentioning this because it's interesting how humans try to keep up with nature.

Adding this because of course брат-兄弟-fratello isn't, despite the opening for diplomacy bit - when's the retirement party?

Adding this because movie night's another step closer to real.

Ending with this because I can consider a 政权 as 汚 (that reading was a search and a half, 微软 - who's on the IME?) and be fascinated by its culture at the same time. Also 茶.

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