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Now that it's today

Here are some reminders of those who chose to slam a country that encourages choice in leadership and allows vociferous support of choices made - or repudiation, for that matter. (Tough, how situations on the ground no longer reflects what prominent faces seek to present.) Addendum: cannibalism strikes again.

And for those considering expatriation, here are a few reminders of issues that still exist whether one's weary of hearing about them or not. (Not wary.) Addendum: Huh. I'm not the only one who messes with these wearying e-mails.

And how about a reminder of what just might be able to balance out a situation whose fallout is risibly visible?

I choose to remember these choices made, and to keep eyes on its results.

Adding this look at running into the same 碰壁.

Ending with soothing snacks.

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