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Now that's an interesting headache.

Seriously, how many hats does the counselor's mother have? Entertaining as it would be to have her voice control the house, I think I'll stay with analog - the beast has its tentacles in enough other places.

I don't watch - what is this, paper animation? - often, but I'm glad I saw this clip. (Oh no, they're phobic, sic Sulu on them!) Turns out this specific episode happened years before a swimmer had swimmers removed to swim with swimmers who had no swimmers to remove, but I'm sure there are enough protesters to apply the hue and cry retroactively.

To be told repeatedly that the "ginger" view in the show ought to be normalized, and that those who claim such illogic ought to be treated with anything other than the satire that specific show is known for - that is gaslighting, Mr. Takei. For you and your lot, fiction is your literal job, and popularizing it to increase revenue from the audience. Thing is, it sounds like y'all are so used to fiction - in the interests of "grace," perhaps - that you're willing to accept another and another and another fiction. Thank you for teaching about what some of your colleagues call progress, and I wonder how many more such plastic examples shall be provided.

Adding this for another fiction a 豺狼 政权 wants swallowed - what's behind the ones in other countries then? (Oh my lists, let me count the ways - 德国, 法国,意大利,日本,英国,美国, 欧盟. Got the 拼音, and - confirmed.) 英国, 美国, 加拿大, 意大利, 法国, 德国, 日本, 欧盟. Oh yay! The links copy too.

我 不 信任 你们 的 话,豺狼 政权. It says full text, not transcript. Got video? (Without a mask on.)

Oh, by the way, kids, I'm not the one who has to worry about a draft; but what I'm doing strengthens me and the garlic - whether or not the collective gut is redeemable remains to be seen. (Does 'all of nature tremble at your passing' because lunch? Man, I miss that show.)

Ending with this because homonyms are fun.

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