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En-er-ee VIII oi em, 99 Bottles. And those locations always drove me nuts - "I'm right here" is not a sufficient descriptor when one can't see the speaker. I do, however, enjoy the scene with the banker checking on Rita.

Considering the timestamp, I'd rather set up a new post for these:

Adding a reminder to myself that, if these entertainments reflect how a group of people see their world and their actions within it, then I'd say it's worthwhile to learn through them. (Not to mention fun.) Though I wonder why the translations petered out on the captioned stuff. (加油 to these people who have to endure such a 豺狼政权.) And if I understand this hunt correctly, it looks like a blend of CGI, standard camera shots, and drone shots.

Adding a note that one means of controlling how a group of people see their world and their actions within it is through their entertainment. (王 和 皇帝 的 - 占星家? 星象师?) Condolences to those who suffer from this ugliness, though their literal pandering to an audience means the sentiment's colder than it should be.

Moving notes on far greater emphasis in this series on body conditions directly tied to pregnancy - first fish, now kidneys. (Keep projecting, 河蟹.) And astrologers paid to misinform 王 and 皇帝. LiKe ThAt CoUlD hApPen. (Adding this barely-related bit of star-crossed.)

Moving this because even when Tony says something I disagree with, it's still helpful as it's brought up a tie into how vox populi is disseminated: "if you have the proper keywords that people generally search for, you will be at the top of the list of recommended videos they see on their computer or phone." (Let me guess - the search unearthed information contrary to the assumption, but the equine adage sells?)

Moving this because heil, Partisan-Not-Patriot.

Adding this because sorry voters kicked you out, but considering information on how you've milked your post, it looks like you'll be fine without it.

Ending with this because huh.

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