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Observations 3/21

It's official - I like anise. Wondering about licorice now, or if this is a context-dependent preference based on its combination with other spices or the texture of the food it seasons. Also, it's been hardly two days to rootlets! (Not too.) BAH, 我不喜欢 cliffhangers! 她的女儿在哪里?男人不是孩子的爸爸 - 他是谁?Make that two surprise seedlings!

The lobbying is part of why I would support a full ban of the vid app in question, entertaining and informative though its content may be. There's still a portion of politicians that are keen on preserving the app (guess who); and going by what I've read about legislation being just shy of an outright ban, I would expect that portion to sound rather "Why not use this ring?" about any vulnerabilities within it, should the app's admin split from the base company.

Speaking of portions, would the Cable Opinion Wreck care to expand on the featured clip or leave it to counterweights?

And when a Cable Opinion Wreck's usefulness is this noxiously pink, ought there be any surprise at its ratings?

I've many reasons to maintain my stance against the CCP, but I don't mind adding another instance of military action against civilian aircraft.

The world order you seek is destructive, 习近平;

And I vehemently disagree with and pity those who follow you.

Ooh, another step to 一百九十八! Last one was vocab 比利时, correct? This one's vocab 荷兰. And the next includes 意大利 and 挪威!

Penultimate this to note that an equal volume of large versus small capers means more of the little ones, and therefore a better chance of even flavor distribution in a dish with less need of chopping.

Ending with this because A) leche flan deserves the accolades, B) that biko looks a bit dry -

and C) heads up on that ube!

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