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Observations 3/29

That's weird - it's the second time I've had the first bit of a post snipped off, a comment on background noise showing an organ that used large staples to play certain songs, the way another instrument might use coils of paper. And I'm a bit torn on whether to view study material from the earliest point I had both captions and subtitles, or skip to where 三角 is no longer 三角 and keep up with the current broadcast.

There's a common thread I see between recent events, or more specifically, in their coverage of them.

There's the incident with the reporters on crime themselves subject to crime.

There's the press conference on water conservation. If I understand this writer correctly, I agree with the question - how difficult is it to say that, despite receiving heavy enough rainfall to end a current drought, water regulations are still in effect in order to get ready for the next drought period? "When government doesn’t level with people and they know it, they become even more cynical and tune out officials trying to lead them."

And with condolences to those who suffered, pronouns didn't seem to be a distraction before the shooter was found to be trans, in a manner similar to the concept of race when another shooter was found to be Asian. (Racial violence exists. The term does not apply to a jilted man with a gun attacking people who look like him.)

The common thread is, I think, most clearly defined in that quote from out west - that these presentations are from people and organizations promoting certain facets of a particular ideology. Now these same people are facing the consequences of how they present their own preconceptions and prejudices. (Yes, prejudice is assuming the identity of a shooter before the race of the shooter was determined, and preconceptions prod concealing that identity after the gender of the shooter was determined. If saying so is weaponizing, c'est comme un grand épée.)

In material I've read (notably that research study with the stuffed toys) as well as in children I observed, in person and in the mirror, is the reason for a da.

Adding this for a party show-and-telling its own tuned-out (tone deaf?) folk.

Adding this because speaking of tone-deaf... It's beyond projection, into cause to question what term I could use to define how hollow, trite, and lazy that argument is, when such a person can't see the difference between places where there's legislation and training for police and prison guards to restrain suspects and inmates without harm, and a place where political prisoners have neither religious freedom or treatment as humans rather than bags of spare parts. (TL; DR - Sunny, for all its flaws, I believe in this place. What I don't believe in is you. And the term for your argument is monstrous.)

Adding this for vocab 日本, still there 微软, 台湾, 美国.

Adding this for an eye on the evolutionary process from just plain 豺狼 into 虺蜥.

Penultimate this because it would have come in handy earlier.

Ending with this because it did come in handy earlier. (Also yum-ish.)

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