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Observations 3/31

Aww, how cute! Murder mystery cameo that almost gets me to like sports! And I have an answer to viewing order of study material.

If I remember correctly, there was a bit of news earlier on a person in an official capacity who was punished for accessing websites outside his country's borders, and I wonder how the seriousness of the punishment compared (was it the same or less?) than what happened to two people who - ah, pirating would be the only available option in such a place. How very praiseworthy and clever it is (do I have to add /s?) for people to compare those who oppose their ideology to the people suffering actual life-and-death consequences for their dissent, in present or historical times. Then again, I'm also reading about those who erase their own history and literature.

Going by this treatment of information, do tell again whose patriotism and religion's a problem. (Not who's.)

Adding this to - uh... at least this one isn't hanging? (Fun watch. Ick trains. Told you about the set design.) Also, hang on - I've got 你撒谎 here, but I've been using 有没有撒谎 based on a video about a 金融家 bank run. Is this a 我的母后, 我母后 thing? (Seriously, ick trains. TOLD YOU! NO TRAINS!)

Adding this to ask Finger The Mirror how many of the states he criticizes are places his constituents are moving to. Also wondering how long it took (what, about a year?) to go from touting the agricultural sector as a key facet of its economy to it's the farmers' fault about the water problems. Did the timing coincide with the change from state surplus to deficit?

Adding this to say keep him, and thanks for the reminder that I can choose my candidate without the risk of organ harvesting for my choice.

Adding this to ask when Shady Pines can be handcuffed for shady money deals as well. (Old guy cheats on his wife, again, versus politician and family using his office to benefit a 豺狼 证券? What nickname does the Sundowner-In-Chief get over there? 老污吏?)

Ending with this because I gotta fix my cloches!

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