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Observations 4/11

Oy... the 'seed coats on' observation fits some of the umbelliferous as well as the solanaceous. There's enough of a difference between the two types of seed coats that I can tease the one apart from the other for transfer. 她不可以keep小猫为什么? (I think 喂养, considering it's a pet, so 她不可以喂养小猫为什么?)

A quick musing on what people are known for. (Don, blubber, oddment, tweak.)

Oh, that's why I got ballet in the feed a while back! A nice enough inclusion from a business model that's ordinarily as appealing as late-night comedy. (If bedtime stories are out of fashion, it must mean their storytellers are equally useful.)

Interesting how the keywords continue to imply that extracurriculars are for anything other than one's own benefit, and that the term 'picking' is a consideration in some way. Um, keep projecting that delulu. (Yeesh, I thought the neologism was only a Shady Pines sort of contraction, but added context implies boys who marry their chatbots.)

Adding this for progress to 一百九十八 and 奴吏僭 也怕 - come on already, Dorian.

Penultimate this because the garlic likes it.

Ending with this for photo ID, food usage, and potential for Farquaad foilage. (Not foliage, autocorrect, not this time.)

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