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Observations 4/15

Finally! Even without much of a stem, the cabbage has taken root after - when did I start the sauerkraut? - but I've run into articles and videos that suggest having a longer stem on any of these used in a regrow. For something like this, I wonder if removing the lower leaves, exposing a bit more of what ends up being the core, would speed things up, basically by turning that section of core into the new stem.

Noting these two recent stories of AI's construction parameters (and that a recent search using terms rather than full sentences has 微软's new tool assuming an argumentative discussion), alongside Its recorded effect on one unfortunate. I wonder how widespread such apps are, but for those who are 無為 enough to allow anyone else, individual or organization, to do this much on one's own mind, I see the unfortunate having more company than one would like. That is one of the reasons why, as much as I support Tony, that support has its limits; and why, despite its anticipated obstacles (IP address? VPN tho), I celebrate progress to 50. (Turns out it's also why I note certain numbers cough-27%-and-40%-cough.)

Adding this for vocab 天安门. (点点点人. Ever shall I count the ways.)

Adding this for still there, 微软.

Adding this to remember a face.

Adding this for the words - once you got a kid in there, it's not just your body anymore. Also this for the numbers - with accommodations made in rewritten language and the choosing of government officials (I think it's this one who said something along the lines of 'couldn't imagine not being a father'), how can this person self-identify as 'an easy target?'

Ending with this because I'm looking forward to more immortals in the garden.

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